About the Lead Reviewer

“You will never make a living out of completing an Arts degree with a major in media studies!" so they told me. Well … they were right (reality sucks I know). But further qualifications later and a current vocation that has absolutely nothing to do with the creative arts, I am still drawn to my first love of film and media. There is no other medium, apart from live theatre, that can evoke such visceral emotions visually and musically. I love good stories and interesting well developed characters. Who here has not been inspired, challenged or emboldened by a fictional or non-fictional character they have watched on TV or film?


I first watched Asian dramas as a way to passively rediscover my heritage and language. However, living in Western society, I struggled to appreciate the cultural references, tropes, plot devices, and completely different style of Eastern story-telling. Drama reviews and resources for International audiences were scarce (especially in English), or didn't get to the point quickly enough to retain my attention. Hence, this website was created to hopefully guide audiences around the world who may either already be C/K-drama addicts looking for their next fix, or for those just wondering what the craze is all about. Enjoy!


Yours truly,